Youth groups, such as church, temple, or mosque organizations or scouts, 4-H and others do well at bowling parties. Of course the basic reason is that kids and young people just want to have fun.

Having a defined activity such as bowling helps to break the ice within groups that may not know each other well or are of different ages, etc. Once they start bowling, the whole group will be laughing, joking, goofing around and having fun. They’re expected to keep it to a low roar and we do not appreciate running through the center but the reason you brought them here, the reason we love to see them here, is we know that they will have a good time.

In addition to entertaining themselves, youth groups use money to participate in worthwhile activities including working with the homeless, gathering food baskets, or often serving in one or two week missions to help children living in poverty in both the United States and other countries. These experiences benefit both the youth involved and the people they meet. However, the cost to participate can be daunting. Youth groups can successfully raise some or all of the needed funds by implementing a fundraising project at Sunshine Bowling Center. Interested parties should check out our fundraising section..