Sunshine Bowling Center has participated in many fundraisers for customers. The most successful fundraisers are those that set clear goals and expectations and that present a program that has win-win results. Sunshine likes to be included in the planning stages as appropriate to help us help you!

There are three or four basic types of fundraisers that can be held at Sunshine Bowling Center.

1. Discount Pricing

We sell the discount service to you that you in turn sell to your group. Discounting our regular prices is our least favorite fundraiser. Basically the group is asking us to discount our services and undermine our own pricing structure. The upside to this plan is that it may increase our exposure to different groups of people.

2. Upgraded Packaging

To mitigate that weakness, we package a bowling party together with increased value that can be sold for more than our standard packages.

3. Sell our products to your group f or a commission.

Products such as gift cards and Summer Fun Club Passes can be sold to  on a commission basis.

4. Help us with Social Media.

Frankly, I don’t know about this one, but  I’m betting.because


Please sit down and take a moment to think about what your goals and expectations are, what funds you need to raise, when you would like to have the event, and what type of event you would like to have. With that information in hand, we can help guide you as you plan your event.



Sunshine Bowling Center has participated in seFundraising in connection with any business takes careful planning on everybody’s part. People have gotten used to depending on small business to fund a variety of activities. Frankly the model has been you take I give. We need to upgrade them model to one that makes a win win win situation for everybody: the public or the parties being asked to be the source of funds the company providing the services and the organization that helps to reap the benefits compare these two scenarios.

John’s scout troop wants to go see Yellowstone. John helps your scouts plan the budget, find the drivers gather, pack up the camping gear and look at the troop bank account. You are still $300 sort of your necessary funds. You’ve heard that Sunshine Bowling Center has helped other youth groups. John approaches Sunshine Bowling Center
John offers to bring the Scouts and their parents for pizza
we’re happy to help within certain guidelines.
If youkmply to discount prices and you bring your families bowling my upsize perhaps I have more patience than I would’ve had that night perhaps be exposed to more people did not experience sunshine bowling center before the basically the financial burdens being borne by the business.
However if your scouts each take five passes seldom for maybe the cost of