Company outings

These typically casual affairs allow company associates to actually  associate with each other, for team members to function as a team, and for people who work together to actually  work together.

A bowling party at Sunshine is a perfect place for associations, team spirit, and work norms to be established and nurtured. Sound like too much HR BS. Not a problem for even the most traditional management because all anyone needs to know is  everyone will have fun and it won’t stretch the budget out-of-shape.

Management’s Job at a Company Outing

  • Even if the party is spontaneous, a few minutes of planning will help the function meet its goals.
  • Share the goals with Sunshine.  We can help execute  your vision if we know the purpose of the get-together.

Questions to ask are:

  • Why are we getting together?
    • To celebrate an accomplishment? Was a goal set and achieved?
    • To acknowledge a retirement or a send-off? Show all  your staff that the company recognizes the  efforts of the individual.
    • To announce a project kick-off? Build anticipation from the get-go and communicate the mission and goals of the new endeavor.  Is it a traditional Holiday party or summer picnic? The very act of building a tradition engenders loyalty and stability .
    • Just for fun? The fact that management or the owners want to share a good time with their most valuable resource, their employees, membership, loyal customers, etc. speaks to their humanity and thoughtfulness.
  • What is my budget?
    • Everyone has a budget. Sunshine has hosted very  simple spur-of-the-minute affairs and large many-months in the planning events. Costs typically run from $12 per person up to $40 per person.
    • Budget items might include simply bowling or hiring outside entertainment to complement what Sunshine has to offer. These talents might include a live band, a DJ/KJ, a palm reader or a balloon artist.
    • The budget should match the reason for the outing. The more important or fundamental the reason for getting together is expressed by covering more of the guests expense of attending. For example, we hosted a Winter Holiday party for a Butler University sorority. This was a major event for the women’s group where dates and friends were invited as well. The sorority hired buses to transport the guests to ensure a higher turnout and a timely arrival. Of course, that budget item was outside Sunshine’s scope but was an important element for the sorority leadership to anticipate.
    • Is the organization picking up the cost or are the guests going to pay for part of the services. A family reunion committee might want to pay for the bowling but expect attendees to order off the menu while the employees celebrating a major milestone would expect the company to cover all the costs.
  • Who is my audience and what does that audience value?
    • In terms of the menu?: A health club membership appreciation night will expect less fried food for their snacks while a grade-school might forego carbonated beverages. Some groups will issue drink tickets while others will eliminate any alcohol consumption.
    • Time of day? If spouses or family is invited, what time of day will be most convenient.
    • What mood do I want to set. Many personal events such as baby showers or graduations, the party host may bring very  elaborate decor while many other events will enjoy the simple settings Sunshine offers such as party ware and balloon bouquets.