This is our 4th Annual Sunshine Summer Classic!

We encourage all league and tournament bowlers to plan on participating in one or more squads in our 4th Classic tournament. Some see the tournament as a chance to get some fun in before the summer is gone, others see it as a warm-up for fall leagues. Some plan to make a little dough, some know that they don’t stand a chance, but come to challenge themselves in a competitive environment. Whatever the source of your motivation, we appreciate your continued  support of Sunshine.


We wish you the best as you bowl in our 4th ANNUAL SUNSHINE SUMMER CLASSIC.

Sunshine is a little bit proud to be hosting our 4th Annual Tournament, not bad since this formerly neglected center has only been enjoyed as Sunshine Bowling Center for five years. Mike and Jean will be entering their sixth year of ownership of Sunshine August 1, 2019. Boy has time flown.