Shooting Stars is the youth program developed at Sunshine Bowling Center. Our goal in establishing this program was multi-fold:

First and foremost, we wanted to provide a fun and safe environment for our young people to learn about a new sport, the sport of bowling. Our coaches teach the rules of scoring, form, ball skills, and etiquette. Additionally we want the children to have an opportunity to learn about sportsmanship making friends and being a leader.

Sportsmanship involves the ability to lose and win gracefully. Making friends requires being able to share; to give-and-take. Being a leader is an opportunity for older bowlers or more experience bowlers to share their talents and skills with younger or less experienced bowlers.

The Shooting Stars Youth Program has enjoyed a significant benefit of the very dedicated husband-and-wife team of William and Karen Elrod, as Directors and Head Coaches from the program’s inception. Coach William and Coach Karen have shared a vision with both the youth, their parents, and our volunteer coaching staff. In addition Karen and William have been aided by their volunteer office staff including Maria Trone and Sheryl, Karen’s mother.


Shooting Stars is made financially possible by the volunteer work of the staff and the coaches. They are also supported financially by the Thursday night league. Fees to the parents are kept as low as possible. Multi-child discounts are available. Scholarships are available to those who need them.

One parent shared with her in-laws that gift certificates for Shooting Stars make excellent birthday gifts. Another parent teaches fiscal responsibility by sharing the costs with her babysitting daughter. Most importantly, do not let lack of funds stop your child from bowling.


Shooting Stars will commence shortly after the New Year. Please watch this space and Facebook for announcements of the winter program.

Sunshine Bowling Center Shooting Stars Youth Program Facebook group – private group