Sunshine loves our preschool and day-care groups. No one bowls with more enthusiasm or energy than these kids. Typically, we schedule these groups in the mornings on weekdays. That way the kids have Sunshine to themselves and no one gets uptight if someone bowls out of turn or has gone off to join another lane. And yes, it gets a little chaotic!

The outing usually starts with the arrival of the bus. Some groups tumble out of their bus while others  march off holding hands with their buddy. Some line up in the hallway to put on shoes while others are wondering which one goes on which foot five minutes later. No matter. Sooner or later, all the kids have shoes, balls and a lane to bowl on. Let the fun begin!

In about an hour the reverse procedure begins as we attempt to match shoes to the kids who wore them into the Sunshine Bowling Center. Before you know it,  the bus is back and the leaders are counting noses. We find ourselves waving wildly back as the kids  yell out:


” BYE! BYE!”


The noise level has subsided. We’re busy sanitizing the shoes and putting them into the right cubbies. And you might catch a little  half-smile on one or two of our Sunshine staff faces. We’ve just forgotten our busy day for a moment and had the privilege of watching PURE JOY at play.