The top score in a standard game of Ten Pin Bowling is 300, the score obtained by bowling 12 strikes in a row.

Twelve repetitive motions. Can’t be that hard, can it?  What the number doesn’t reveal is that bowling is lived in real time. The environment is changing constantly. Oil patterns change as a bowling game progresses. The humidity in the room may fluctuate changing the interaction of oil and ball rotation. Probably the bowlers themselves are the greatest variable as their energy and focus slide during the game play.

Bowling 12 strikes requires practice, development of skills,  extended focus, ball control, lane condition analysis and sometimes a little luck. Humans do not excel naturally at such robotic-type repetitive motions. Like golf enthusiasts, chess players,  tight rope walkers, bowlers have to maintain that focus for an extended period of time. The tension builds in the bowling center as nearby bowlers watch the march of X’s across the scoreboard.  Finally, usually in silence, the 12th ball is thrown toward the waiting pins and….it’s a STRIKE! You have just joined Sunshine’s 300 Club and your name is added to the 300 Club Honors Roll.



300 Sunshine Club Honors Roll

Date Name Competition  USBC Game USBC Series
06-Dec-2018 Steve Lang League 300
28-Nov-2018 Bobby Moore League 801
27-Nov-2018 Mike Devitt League 300
28-Oct-2018 Jean Perez Sweeper 300
30-Sep-2018 Chris Fleming Sweeper 300
24-Jun-2018 Michael Lunsford Sweeper 300
05-Apr-2018 Logan Sirola League 800
23-Mar-2018 Scott Burkett League 300
28-Feb-2018 Ty Robbins League 300
07-Feb-2018 Logan Sirola League 300
30-Jan-2018 Charlie Dorton League 839
04-Jan-2018 Jonathan Hoskins League 811
15-Dec-2017 Jonathan Hoskins League 300
05-Dec-2017 Charlie Dorton League 300
16-Nov-2017 Terry Mize League 300
18-Jul-2017 Logan Sirola League 300
24-Mar-2017 Fran Nell League 300
15-Mar-2017 Josh Gregory League 300
13-Mar-2017 John Lory League 300
07-Nov-2016 Dustin Walls League 300
03-Nov-2016 Joe Sanders League 300
20-Aug-2016 Jean Perez Classic 300
22-May-2016 Cameron Clark Sweeper 300
22-May-2016 Elbert JJ Lake Sweeper 300
28-Jan-2016 Dennis Hinman League 300
28-Jan-2016 Patrick Evans League 300
21-Jan-2016 Dennis Hinman League 300
21-Jan-2016 Wes Pierce League 300
14-Jan-2016 JJ Walls League 300
27-Sep-2015 Sweeper 300
03-Mar-2015 Skip Roseberry League 300
16-Feb-2015 Curt Cummings League 300