We have simplified our rates to make check-in more efficient and to give you  the best service we can with our limited staff*. Open bowlers can choose between by-time-bowling or by-game-bowling. Time bowling is measured in the amount of time  you have access to the bowling lanes rather than completing a specified number of games. A party of three adults might bowl four games in the length of time allocated, while five seventh-graders  may only bowl two games and some extra frames.

The Time Bowling Rates are:


Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays:
From one to four bowlers per lane, for one and a half hours………………….$30 a lane-session
Includes shoe rental


Additional fifth bowler on the lane including shoe rental………………………$10 a lane-session

Note: You are always welcome to bring  your own bowling shoes but doing so  will not effect the rates charged. Please ask to use the shoe spray to disinfect  your shoes.

Game Rates

The charge is $4.30 per game regardless of age, time of day, league bowler status, how long  you have been bowling, no matter who you’re voting for.

Bowling shoes are required. Shoe rental is $3.30 per pair no matter how tiny or big  your feet are!

[ Did you know bowling shoes are ordered at a fixed price regardless of shoe size? The reason is that the price averages out over time as bowling centers  usually appeal to a wide range of people with a wide range of shoe sizes!]


Open Bowling  Hours:  Sep – Oct 2020

– Friday  – Open at 3 PM. Close at 8:00 PM

– Saturday – Open at Noon. Close at 8:00 PM

 – Sunday – Open at Noon. Close at 7:00 PM