Sunshine offers a casual bowler-fingers- friendly selection. Our prices are reasonable. We're best known for our pizzas and quesadillas! Sandwiches, Burgers, and Salads round out the menu..

Pizzas– There’s two secrets to great tasting pizza and we’ll tell you both!

First ingredients are crucial. We use authentic Italian hand-tossed crusts. You can tell because they are bumpy and uneven. No machine-wringing flat and tasteless shells here!

All of the other ingredients are the best that we can buy. 

The second secret is we place your pizza directly on hot pizza stones. That is why you’ll often notice one side is more toasted than the other. While we rotate them while baking, it’s an art not a science.

Pizzas that have been baked on a conveyor are uniformally bland and often cooked a minimum of time to increase throughput on a busy night. The optimal length of time it takes to cook a pizza depends on amount of toppings, type and temperature of the toppings, as well  as other factors. It is not a one-size fits all baking process.

Quesadillas – These are favorites on our menu and once you’ve had one, they may become one of your favorites, too. Again, ingredients are key, but so are the people making them.. It takes making a few hundred to master the sprinkling of the cheese, grilling the chicken, sealing the edges and flipping the food. Fortunately, our cooks are seasoned pros with this very satisfying meal.

Sandwiches – Sunshine serves a variety of cold and hot sandwiches including Grilled Cheese and PB&J. Please specify the fixin’s you wish: LTO (lettuce, tomato and onion). Ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper are available at the condiment tables. All sandwiches are served with chips. For $2 you can substitute an order of fries for chips.

Pork tenderloins lead the popular sandwich list along with Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwiches. 

Snacks & Sides – This category includes all of your old favorites but tell us if we missed any, The Tater Bombs are like eating bites of baked potatoes with bacon, chives, and cheese. Fries can be covered in Nacho cheese or served with melted Mexican cheese, They sound similar, but they are really quite different, Supreme Fries are cousins to Supreme Nachos. Mozzarella sticks are always good as are Bosco Bread Sticks. 

A soft large pretzel with nacho cheese is great anytime.

Burger, Chicken – While the farm animals take to the billboard with Chick-Fil-e, we’re happy to serve 1/4 pound burgers plain, with cheese and/or with bacon. As with the pork – tenderloin, please tell us if you want LTO (lettuce tomato onion). Condiments are on tables on the concourse or in the bar.

We offer chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, and chicken wings. All are served hot and crispy. Your choices of dips are ranch, honey mustard, BBQ, hot buffalo, salsa, sour cream, nacho cheese, and marinara sauce.

Salads – Salad offerings vary but at the minimum, a green salad is available as well as a grilled chicken salad. Be sure to let us know if you would like to see more salads on the menu.the 

Bowling Centers and Parties were meant to be together/

  1. Many of the foods we serve are deep-fried. While it has a higher caloric content than oven or micro-waved food, it sure is good tasting!

We try to take steps to mitigate the high fat, high calorie food by:

  • Pre-heating food from the refrigerator or freezer in the microwave or oven if possible.

  • Using pre-cooked meats and fried snacks.

  • Using good-quality frying oil.

  • Using as minimal as oil possible when grilling.

If you are trying to avoid calories or fat in your diet, here are some suggestions:
  •  Choose items that are baked or don’t require heating. Chicken wraps or pizzas or salads are examples.
  • Ask that your pizzas are made with a little less cheese.
  • Share an item with your friends. Our appetizer plate gives you enough to share and still enjoy some of your favorite snacks.

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