We like to eat.

We like to cook.

We like to cook so you can eat…

Here’s how:

Come to the snack window on the bowling side of Sunshine Bowling Center and order off the menu. There’s a Daily Menu, a Fast Kitchen Menu, and a Breakfast Menu.

Or come to the bar and order from the menus! We generally take your order at the bar. For some events and evenings we offer table service as well.

Or call ahead on not-too-busy afternoons and evenings and we will have your order ready for you to take out.

Pizza. As in many entertainment and sports venue, pizzas are a big part of the menu. Different from many of those sites, ours actually taste good. We think so. Our customers say so.

Try one.. Be prepared to wait a few minutes. Our pizzas are not pre-assembled or made in a shove-them-down-the-counter-style. Our crusts are hand-tossed not pressed out by some sort of punch. Now I will admit we don’t toss them ourselves – our kitchen is way too small among other reasons.

Our pizza ingredients are prepared daily. Each pizza is a little different from the one right before it and each cook makes each pizza a little differently, too.

Now we know (we, as in Sunshine’s owners and managers). Yes, we know that all our food should be exactly the same each time a dish is prepared and we have goals of consistency. But this is not McDonald’s. We make food to eat not to just stuff down. We (as in, we the people who work at Sunshine and cook in the Sunshine kitchen).

The pizza approach just about sums up the whole approach to our menu. Everything you order was prepared for you!

Please let us know how we are doing and what you’d like to see on our menu if your favorite casual dining selection is missing.