Sunshine is committed to protecting its customers, staff, and vendors from inadvertent transfer of the dangerous Covid-19 virus. Because a person may  be a carrier of the disease without showing any  symptoms, it is important that everyone do his or her part to diminish the risk.


On that note, we expect our bowlers to actively participate in our Covid-19 mitigation plan by:

  1. Staying home if you have had any flu-like symptoms within the past week or if you don’t feel well in general. We are giving full refunds of any deposits for any reservations for even last-minute cancellations.
  2. Wash  your hands with soap and water before your visit. Wash them again when  you get home,
  3. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing, coughing, clearing your throat, etc. Wearing a mask is a wise choice but not required of our customers unless required by  current governmental guidelines.
  4. Maintain social distance between groups. Be seated in your assigned area as quickly as possible.
  5. Let one person handle the transactions at the front desk or at the snack bar window.
  6. Confine  your children to your assigned lane.
  7. If possible, call ahead to make a reservation and to check lane availability. Arrive a few minutes before  your scheduled bowling time and wait in  your car until it is your time to come in.
  8. Make a manager aware of anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Sunshine has taken a number of steps to limit your exposure to Covid-19 (or any other infectious air-borne agent) in the Bowling Center.

  1. There are even more bottles of hand sanitizer than we had before we closed. Be sure to get a squirt anytime  you touch a new surface but please do not steal the bottle.
  2.  Your bowler’s table and chairs will have been sanitized in the 30 minutes before  you start to bowl.
  3. You may wipe down your ball after  you select it with a bleach solution we will provide. You may also break up the virus by using the ball cleaning machine. All balls available for open bowlers are sanitized as frequently as possible.
  4.  You will find we have limited our food choices. An abbreviated menu allows more time for cleaning.
  5. We have limited the number of lanes used at any one time to provide spacing between groups.
  6. Groups including birthday parties are limited to 15 attendees.  Up to ten people may bowl on two adjacent lanes and one table in the concourse area can seat up to five non-bowlers. Party planners may  bring in a cake only. It may not be shared with anyone not in the party. Gifts may be brought in or preferably exchanged outside. They may not be  opened at the center unless the party room has been rented.
  7. There are no refills on drinks and drink containers should not be returned to the snack counter window.
  8. Plexiglass partitions separate breathing spaces between our customers and our staff.
  9. Staff will wear masks. All staff will try to maintain a 6′ separation.