Sunshine's Summer Family Fun Days Pass is your ticket to a season of Fun!!


Sunshine is excited to be offering a new family bowling summer pass. With this pass your family can bowl as many as two games per day all summer long. Great for quality family time, grandparents can take the kids, even your best friend next door. You save money with the pass and even more if you buy the pass during the pre-season period.

There are two levels. The Silver Pass is designed for bowlers who are free weekdays to bowl. It is especially good for a babysitter and children. It is good for up to four people. The adult or care-taker over age 16 and licensed to drive does not have to bowl. It is good for weekdays  Tuesday through 5 pm Fridays, June 1 through August 31. Shoe rental is required.

 The Gold Pass is an upgraded package good for 6 pass members  which includes bowling during all of our open bowling times, shoe rental is waived and one more month of bowling from May 1st through August 31st.

Please see the FAQ below for very detailed answers to questions you may have.


  •  4 – Members on Pass
  • 2 Games per pass member
  • 1 visit per day
  • Tuesday thru 5 pm Friday
  • June 1 thru August 31
  • Shoe Rental Required


  •  6 – Members on Pass
  • 2 Games per pass member
  • 1 visit per day
  • ALL Open Bowling Times 
  • May 1 thru August 31
  • Shoe Rental Waived


The Sunshine Summer Family Fun Days Pass (aka THE SUNSHINE PASS) is your ticket to a summer of family bowling fun. The pass is for families and adults who have some relationship with a child or children who want to spend quality, healthy time with these precious ones before they are adults. The Sunshine Pass helps families have fun while sharing that together time.

The pass does not cover bowling for group parties such as children’s birthday parties. pass. It does not cover the cost of bowling during bowling lessons by a paid coach for either the child or the coach. The pass is not a babysitting service. Children are expected to be under control and watched at all times by at least one adult on the pass.

FIRST: You fill out an online registration form that enables us to get to know you a little better (one of the perks of a small bowling center). It also includes a photo release.

SECOND: You make payment by check (made out to Sunshine Bowling Center) or cash to the  person who contacted you or by cash, credit or check at the Sunshine Bowling Center or online through  your bank’s bill paying service

THIRD: (optional) You and your family  takes selfies of yourselves – no more than two people per pic, please. Pics should be of the head and shoulders. Then either email them to or message them to your contact or to 303-525-9022. Or if you wish we can register you and/or take your picture the next time you are at the center. However, to get the pre-season discount, your registration and payment must be received by May 30th. 

FOURTH: You will receive at  your first visit to Sunshine Bowling Center a Sunshine Rewards card. You may use it at any time to accumulate points. A point is earned for every dollar spent on open bowling or food and drinks. It is not good for league play or for the retail store in the building. You may have received this card already from your contact person. The 3 digit number of the card is your family code.

FIFTH: Come bowl and have fun!

The answer depends on how much you believe you will  use the pass and how many people you will register plus what days and times your family has free.  Think of last summer. How many  days were the kids bored? How often was the humidity too high to stay outdoors for long? How often did the rain ruin your plans? What other activity can the whole family participate in including grandparents, etc.?

Now think how bowling with the family could help your family communicate, share, and enjoy each other. If  you plan on bowling at least twice or you have 5 or more on the pass, choose the Gold Pass. If not, choose the Silver. If the parents work swing shift and/or weekends, the Silver Pass might make more sense.

You may purchase them online at or with the person who contacted you (cash or check) or at the front desk (cash, check, or credit card).

If you are interested in helping us sell our Sunshine Summer Pass, please email us at

Please include  your contact information, what market  you have contacts in (such as certain school, team, church or large bowling family). Thank you

Follow the buttons below to register for your pass.

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