Hey! Hey! Hey! WE ARE OPEN!

Turn off Netflix - Turn on Bowling!

Sunshine Bowling Center is running on a reduced schedule since reopening June 25th. We did host a successful USBC City Senior’s tournament the last two weeks of June.

We are pleased to see so many friendly faces even though the lower half of those faces are hidden behind masks. Don’t fret, it’s a very becoming look on you! The mask tells everyone that  you are willing to do your share to help contain this virus. It shows you care about the health of others more than the minor irritation of wearing a mask.

Netflix has a short 3 episode documentary covering the Corona Virus Pandemic. It is very well written and explains the history of past pandemics, the spread of this pandemic and the things necessary  to end it. To do so requires caring about each other to benefit  us all. So again thank  you for wearing  your mask when visiting our center.


To those of you who lost a parent, a relative or a friend, or other important person in your life, our sincerest sympathies to  you and  your family.

Mike and Jean and Staff


Welcome Back!!