Hey! Hey! Hey! We are re-opening soon!

Turn off Netflix - Turn on Bowling!

Sunshine Bowling Center has been closed since March 16, 2020 as a small part of the discipline necessary to beat the pandemic now known as Covid-19.


We defrosted and emptied freezers. We painted the kitchen. We worked out some kinks  in our data collection and analysis. We planned for re-opening. We listened for guidelines and news of closures.


We watched Netflix.

And Netflix. Followed by Amazon Prime and Disney+ and Hulu and late night films that we fell asleep before the ending.


As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, boredom set in, of course.

So we rearranged the living room, worked in the garden, started composting, planned a  summer road trip.


And as we think about re-opening, we are extremely grateful. Grateful for all the healthcare professionals that have risked their lives to tend to those in need. Grateful to the researchers and scientists that are working hard to find a vaccine. Grateful to live in a country that has the integrity  to close itself down and then to rebound without looting, vandalism, or other social-stress type crimes

Our business will re-open with help of taxpayer-funded disaster relief loans. (Thank you!) We are one of the lucky ones.

Our  hearts go out to you who have lost dear ones. This pandemic has taken its toll in many ways and we are truly sorry for your loss.


Mike and Jean and Staff


Welcome Back!!