End of Year Parties


We’re working hard to make this New Year’s a special one for
you and your loved ones.

Indy offers many good ideas for celebrating the New Year.

While you’re making your choice

Consider what we have to offer.

But wherever you celebrate, please:

Be careful, be wise and be kind!

We wish you the very best in 2018!!



Sunday December 31st we will ring in the New Year twice!

  • The 7 pm party is geared towards the family or people who want to celebrate early! We will bowl, eat, drink and raise a toast to the New Year at 10 PM. Priced at $49.95
  • The 10:30 party is for those with older children or those who want to celebrate the New Year exactly at midnight!! Priced at $69.95

Price of admission includes bowling (up to five people per lane), shoe rental, one-topping pizza, pitcher of soft drink, New Year’s hats and noise makers plus a champagne or juice drink.

Reservations and payment are required in advance. These parties sell out quickly so please make your plans as early as possible.

Saturday December 30th we are hosting a Black & White Masquerade Bowl.

The Masquerade Party is a gift of the calendar. Not often do we have a Saturday night during the holidays that isn’t spoken for by some other tradition. We lovingly call it our EVE of EVE party. (The Eve of New Year’s Eve).

We will have inexpensive masks for sale but you are encouraged to dress in black and white and find or make your own Romeo and Juliet type mask1 The more elaborate the better.

Music for the Masquerade Bowl is being provided by our favorite DJ:C:\Drive Colin. He’s great, knows how to get the party going and won’t stop until you beg for mercy.

The Masquerade Bowl is perfect for dates and couples. How about a father/daughter outing? Or a date with your wife, hubby, cousin, neighbor….

The evening includes: appetizers, bowling for two games and shoes, the DJ on the concourse, and a pitcher of soft drink or domestic beer (please be prepared to show ID). The party begins at 9 PM and will run up to midnight or so.

For even more fun, invite friends and family to join you on your lane. The pricing is:

  • $29 for two
  • $34 for three
  • $39 for four
  • $54 for five
  • And $69 for six

Reservations are required. Since this is something new, we do not know if it will sell out quickly or not but I wouldn’t take a chance!

Parties of two or three may share a lane with another party depending upon availability and demand. Parties of four, five, or six will not share lanes.

Please be aware that this party is for those who like to party. The music will be loud. You may be more comfortable with children at our Family New Year’s Eve Party. See above.