Bowling remains one of the most affordable pastimes that the whole family can enjoy. Even non-bowlers take pleasure in cheering their families or friends during a trip to Sunshine Bowling.  so step up to the counter and we’ll be happy to get y ou bowling as soon as possible. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Please note a game in a bowling alley means one person playing one game of bowling. So the person assigning you lanes will ask “How many games do  you want to play ?” If you answer “2” the desk attendant will multiply  that number of games times the number of people in your party times the rate per person per game to calculate the price.  A game does not refer to the entire group.

Also   you should be aware that bowling is not taxable but shoe rental is taxed at 7%. Food and drink is taxed at 8%. Some of  our prices have the sales tax already “in” the price. For example a large soda drink costs $3.22 plus 28 cents in tax for a total price of $3.50. For the consumer’s convenience and to speed up these transactions, we will quote the total price when asked about these items.

The price listed for other items. such as a pizza, does not include the sales tax which is added at the end.


Our rates are:

Weekdays – Open to 5 pm

$3.00 per person per game
$2.50 shoe rental

$20 lane rental per hour

Evenings, Weekends and Holidays

$4 per person per game
$3 shoe rental

$25 lane rental per hour

Kids Age 8 and under

$2.50 per child per game ANYTIME
$2.50 shoe rental ANYTIME

Seniors Age 65 +

$2.50 per person per game ANYTIME
$2.50 shoe rental ANYTIME


Rates are subject to change. Please verify current rates witih check-in counter.