Sunshine Bowling Center celebrates the 75th[1]Hoinke Tournament The Hoinke Classic originated in 1943 during World War II when Mr. Erwin C. Hoinke, Sr., and Mr. Clarence Stegner involved themselves in a patriotic endeavor to assist the cause of the United States and also promote interest in bowling.[2],

Sunshine Bowling Center also believes in patriotism and bowling and admires any event that’s weathered 75 years of changing rules, locations, equipment, technologies, etc. etc. etc. So we decided it was time for a road trip!

Sunshine Bowling Center proudly announces:

The 75 – 74 Annual[3]
“Take the Sunshine to Hoinke”
Road Trip!!

Sunshine Bowling Center has reserved 20 places so space is limited to[4]:

The first 20 paid entries for Friday Sept 15th 6 pm Singles

The first 5 paid entries for Sat Sep 16th 9:30 am 4 person Teams

The first 10 paid entries Sat Sep 16th 1:20 pm Doubles

We will add on-site goodies like river walks, casino tours, early riser-breakfast as the registration and planning proceed.

Make all checks payable to Sunshine Bowling Center. Entries accepted at the Front Desk only, Sunshine Bowling Center only. If making reservation by email, your place will be held but payment by check or cash only must be received within 24 hours.

All adult bowlers (over 21) only. Bowlers must follow all Hoinke and USBC rules and regulations.

Be original!![5]

  1. Graphic used with permission!
  2. From the website
  3. We don’t have 75 years left, so we’re counting backwards!!
  4. All event reservations given preference.
  5. All material copyrighted, MM Entertainment, 2017.