The buses roll up to our front door and we are quickly swarmed by 30-80 children usually clothed in matching t-shirts. Barely able to contain themselves the children sit on the floor in their groups while leaders and older students retrieve bowling shoes from tables stacked with the smaller sizes. Soon the children are distributed down the concourse and ready to bowl at one of our   16 lanes. We call these “Orange Ball Days” as our lightest weight bowling balls (6 pounds) are orange.


Day Care Centers, Summer Day Camps, After-school care and Preschools count on us to provide an affordable easy and fun outing during the day. We are weather-proof so your plans to visit us are not dependent on blue skies or comfortable breezes. We will serve as a backup location (on a space-available basis) for outings that are rained out or on days that are too hot to be out at no charge should you not need us.


Typically, children bowl for an hour up to  one-and-a-half hours. You can plan on a two-hour visit by the time that last pair of bowling shoes are exchanged for tennis shoes and the last adult finally swallows her bottled water and climbs on the bus.
Group Rates


  • All bowling shoes. Children must have socks on or purchase socks for $2 a pair.
  • Sole use of the facility during your two hours for groups of at least 40 or more bowlers
  • Small groups may share the facility with another similar group (i.e. two preschools)
  • UP to one-and-a-half hours of bowling, two-hour total visit time


Group size:   15 or less………….$7.50 per bowler
16  to 29…………………$6.50 per bowler
30 to 49………………….$6.00 per bowler
50 or more ……………..$5.00 per bowler


Reservations are required.

The above rates are based on bowling during our normally closed periods. We are opening only for you  or rarely, for you and another similar group. If you are coming during normal operating hours we will charge the lesser amount of either the open bowling rate or the group rate. For example, Apple Preschool brings five children at 9:30 am on Tuesday and pays $7.50 per child. Preschool Cat brings five children at 3 pm the same day, when we are normally open, and pays $5 per child ($2.50 for shoes and $2.50 per game).