Everyone has house rules, we just spell them out!
By entering Sunshine Bowling Center you agree to these rules:
ALCOHOL Drinking of alcoholic beverages anywhere on our property with the exception of licensed areas of our building at any time is not allowed and will result in a call to our local law enforcement. Drinking of alcoholic beverages by adults over the age of 21 with proper credentials is allowed in the bar and family areas of the pub and on the concourse. It is not allowed in the kitchen, behind the counter or in the bathrooms.

PREVENT your under-age 21 guests from drinking from adult beverages!

FOOD & BEVERAGES Do NOT bring food or drink in the building with the exception of baby food, water, or pre-approved party cakes.

BEHAVIOR & DRESS Avoid use of obscenities, vulgar, rude or unwanted behaviors. You will be warned and then asked to leave if you indulge in such activities. Dress appropriately. Shoes must be worn at all times. Bowling shoes must be worn in the bowling area (toward the lanes in front of the carpeted concourse). Bowling shoes have a low-friction sole on one foot that slides. Wearing the shoes in the bathroom or other places that may be wet is to be avoided. Bowling shoes may not be worn outside.

RISK OF INJURY Avoid risk of injury by knowing your own limits. Bowling is a physical sport requiring coordination, strength and stamina. Use an appropriate weight ball. Do not try to throw the ball as hard as possible but rather as accurately as possible. Persons suffering from back, wrist, ankle, knee pain or other physical ailments are at risk of further injury by bowling and assume such risk knowingly. Pregnant women, especially those in the mid or third trimester, should consult with a medical doctor before bowling.

KEEP sharing the SUNSHINE in your life with those around you!!