Let's face it - fundraising can be:

  • Intimidating
  • Discouraging
  • Hard work
  • Unsuccessful
  • Lonely

Fundraising is difficult for many reasons. Sunshine Bowling Center has the solution to many of those difficulties.


People have bigger hearts than they do pocketbooks. Often our billfold runs out before our concern for others. Sometimes this leads to feelings of resentment. "Here's another non-profit looking for a handout."  

People want to know where their donation is going. They want to be assured that the proceeds are benefiting the cause.


People not associated with an event planning company don't have the time or tools to plan and organize a successful fundraising. A good fundraiser has many requirements that must be met.


The way to combat donor fatigue is by offering value in exchange for the gift. A special bowling party offers such value. The party can be themed to your event,  offer special entertainment or catered by a unique vendor. We can tailor the event and the associated costs to your event plans.
Transparency is the best approach to fend off questions of credibility. Your donors aren't the IRS - they are not interested in what percent of your expenses went to marketing. They want to know just the simple information. How much did the cause get from my purchase of a ticket? The answer doesn't' really matter as long as its concrete and a reasonable ratio on the perceived value. The more value you offer the higher the entry price you can charge.  Again, Sunshine Bowling's management team has the experience in helping you determine these ratios.

Sunshine Bowling Center has recently installed a registration and ticketing system that gives YOU:

  • as an individual planning a small event, OR YOU
  • an event planner,

the tools to track registration, have multiple ticket types (for example child ticket vs. adult ticket) and receive funds.

Sunshine Bowling Center supports the fundraising criteria for success including;

  • Flexible venue
  • Weather-proof
  • Appeals to many people of all ages
  • Close and convenient
  • Built-in entertainment
  • Registration and ticketing services - know who's coming and collect the donations upfroont

Like many such activities the key is marketing. How are you going to spread the word that you're having a fundraising party at Sunshine Bowling Center?

We are always eager to help you meet your fundraising goals by means of a bowling night or a weekend lock-in. Think about the answers to the following questions and then contact  us. Together we can brainstorm some solutions to your questions and hopefully help the cause you endorse.

  1. What is the fundraiser? Is this a one-time cause or an annual event?
  2. Who exactly will benefit?
  3. Who will this cause attract as an audience? What motivates this audience?
  4. How much should we try to raise?
  5. What resources can we call to help? Planning, marketing, administration, event execution, event clean-up, etc?
  6. What will be the budget for these resources?

These questions and answers revolve around. As you get new ideas, new possibilities open up which leads to more required resources, etc. Major non-profit businesses have whole departments that work on these issues full-time. They divide their potential audience into different market segments and develop events that appeal to the various groups. As a small local venue we offer intimacy,flexibility and creativity. Mike and Jean have had considerable fundraising event experience in both small and regional fundraiseris. We have worked with organizations from the local Scout troop to national event planners. Give us a call.