Awards and Honors

Many people bowl for relaxation and fun. They see participation in a league such as those conducted by Sunhsine Bowling Center as a great way to spend an affordable evening with family and friends. However, for many the competitive edge sets in and we’re talking tourments, coaching and cross-training. We want to recognize all of our outstanding bowlers who have really  come together to support our growing competitive program.


The Sunshine 300 Club is here! An Honoray Club which is acknowledged by a $100 cash gift from Sunshine Bowling Center when a perfect game of bowling is achieved during a USBC- sanctioned event. Our members include:


The first memeber:


Who was awarded $300  on …


Curt bowled with his Monday Night RR Just4Fun League when he came into this small windfall on February 9, 2015.



He was soon followed by his league mate; Skip Roseberry on March 2, 2015.


Here’s an amazing young man that bowled three perfect games in one day. Unfortunately, not in the same series… instead he bowled one game perfectly in the 3 series of games during the Sunshine Sunday Sweeper.




IMG_7850 IMG_7848