Bowling in the  United States was initially played with 9 pins in alleys or empty halls. However, the sport was dominated by shysters who cruised the back alleys betting against proud but less skilled men.The first modern indoor bowling alley was the Kickerbockers, built in New York City in 1840.  Within a year, several states banned the game in an effort to discourage criminal elements.* To thwart these laws, a tenth pin was added, the layout of the pins simplified and  the scoring standardized. The result : the birth of 10-pin bowling.

*Source: Accessed 15 March 2016.

9 Pin No Tap, is actually a variation of the original nine pin bowling, but also a handicap system for ten-pin bowling. It allows the almost-as-good bowler to compete more evenly with the  just-a-little-bit-better bowler.

Sunshine Bowling Center’s recipe for 9-Pin No Tap Tournament Fun

  1. This game is mostly for fun. However, it is a USBC certified tournament.
  2.  Nine or ten pins downed on the first ball is a strike.
  3. Nine pins downed on two balls is not a spare, it is a 9 count.
  4. Youth, youth/adult, and adult tournaments are offered.
  5. In general, the tournaments are offered once a month. Please watch our calendar.

DATES:   Check in 1pm Start 2pm

January 21st

February 11th