Open bowling refers to the times when the lanes are available to use by the walk-in bowler. At other times,the lanes are reserved for league play, birthday parties, corporate events, tournaments or other events. This may give the impression that open bowling gets the left-overs. While that is true in essence, it does not mean that we do not value our relationship with the open bowler.

Open bowling is very important to the vitality of almost any bowling center. We work hard to ensure that all bowlers feel welcome as well as spectators and other non-bowlers. IF any bowler feels like their needs are not being met, please ask for the manager or owner as soon as possible and we will do our best to resolve the concern.
The following calendar(s) display the time we are open for general bowling. Note that the time listed for the end time of each block is an hour before closing time to allow for time to bowl a game.