The details of our new 9 PIN NO TAP LEAGUE:

  • $14 per bowler per week
  • $9 weeks bowled beginning Sunday March 11th through May 13th
  • No bowling April 1, Easter
  • Knock down 9 pins on the first ball, counts as a strike
  • Prize structure
    • 3rd place team ----$299
    • 2nd place team----$399
    • 1st place team -----$499
  • Mystery games for cash prizes played every week
  • Mystery game format announced each week
    • Examples: 1st strike after a bell rings
    • Game score closest to wild number randomly generated
    • $10 for any splits successfully picked up during the game
  • Not USBC sanctioned -- No USBC fees
  • Teams  open to any gender combo
  • Youth can bowl but cannot receive cash prizes. Their cannot be any distribution to any SMART accounts either. Youth compensation will be determined after league is established.

The top 10 reasons why  you should join our brand-new 9 PIN - NO TAP LEAGUE TODAY!!

  1. 9 PIN is so much fun! Everyone feels good about themselves!
    • Great bowlers will still be challenged but won't have the weight of an oppposing team's overwhelming handicap advantage.
    • Averge bowlers get the bump they need to score higher but still must shoot accurately.
    • Beginner or lower average bowlers are not burdened with the discouragement of needed to hit those single pins to pick up  a mark.
    • Everyone gets to really compete each week rather than the handicap determine the winner.
  2. The game moves quickly as there is much less time spent on spares.
  3. Our version of the game allots the majority of the prize money to the top three teams - as one would expect in a competitve setting.
  4. The mystery  game played each week enables everyone to try for fun cash prizes.
  5. Make new friends as this league will appeal to a wide variety of bowlers. Take the chance to meet new people outside of the leagues you have played for years.
  6. The league is a short league and will be done before you know it.
  7. At $14 bowling fee, this league offers a lot of bowling for the money.
  8. No USBC  sanction fees to pay. While we support USBC as the organization that keeps our sport, a sport it's also nice to be free of their rules every now and then.
  9. Sunday evenings are a great time to bowl. Not too late, not too early... get invigorated for a new week.
  10. You'd make Jean happy - She's the one who came up with the format!!  Plus you don't want to miss out by signing up too late!


We plan to bowl in teams of four but  you are welcome and encouraged to join with whatever teammates you have. We will get you together with others to fill your roster.

You can call the center and sign  up over the phone as well.